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What if someone told us that your mind and thoughts could have the power to control anything in this universe?, Think twice and stick around, you will understand the power of the Abundance Prayer.

We all feel that our life is controlled by what’s in our destiny, or more or less, everything is meant to happen the way it is supposed to happen. 

We have always been conditioned to think about following and falling into the traps of something and blame our fate, destiny, past, present, or future, but fail to understand the powers we hold within ourselves to change what we need and what we can get. 

Abundance Prayer - What is Abundance and 5 Principles to Attract it

If we all believe in receiving in abundance, then abundance is what we are going to get for sure.

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What is Abundance Prayer?

Prayers are one of the most powerful parts of our lives through which we give thanks to the Lord, receive blessings, ask for forgiveness, and ask for wishes to grant us joy, love, peace, prosperity, good health, and several uncountable things which we desire into our lives.

 As mentioned in Job, 22:27 “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.”

The universe is filled with abundance, and we do not have the power even to fathom since it is beyond our understanding. But what we can understand is that through prayers, we can reach that abundance. 

This is what abundance prayer is all about. It is believing in the abundance of the universe and knowing that whatever we need or desire in our lives can be achieved through the powers of our prayers. 

If the Creator can create such a universe of ours, with millions of stars, hundreds of planets, and a number of galaxies that we do not even know about, imagine the possibilities that our Creator can bestow upon us, since we are considered his best and lovely creations. 

Believing in abundance prayer means that every individual on this earth is blessed with the power of abundant prayer and prosperity and that through the right ways, we can control that abundance in our lives.

Five (5) Principles To Attract Abundance

Receiving abundance in our lives is not impossible, and as mentioned before, this law of attraction functions through abundance prayer. 

We must all remember that the universe functions on certain principles, and if we understand and follow those principles, then we can attract abundance in our lives.

1. Focus.-

The first principle for seeking abundance from this universe is to focus on our thoughts, especially what we want. People keep saying that we can achieve what we want, and that belief is not baseless. 

When we focus on the right things and keep our minds into what we want, we will receive it.

Before we start focusing on what we want, we must believe that we are already a part of the abundance that is available in the universe. The next step is to understand ourselves and what we desire genuinely. 

Several people complain that they have never been able to focus since their wants or desires keep changing.

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We all understand that greed is a part of human nature, but we must not let it control us; instead, we must control our greed and focus on the things that we truly desire, that would genuinely make us happy, and that is something we truly need.

While focusing on something, it is essential to understand that we should focus on the right way. 

For instance, if we focus on the negative aspects of our lives, like problems we are facing or past bad experiences, we can attract more negative experiences. 

The right way to focus on the abundance of this universe is to focus on the positive things and believing that we can have it.

2. Believing in Our Prayers.-

The second principle of manifesting the abundance from the universe into our lives is to believe in what we are praying for. 

This principle works on the belief and thought processes of the human mind, where we must know what we have been focusing on, and what we have asked for is undoubtedly going to happen. 

Our minds and thought processes are wired in a way through which we can attract anything, but it is not magic, and it will turn towards us in the blink of an eye. It will come at its own time when you would need it the most. 

Several people who have applied this principle in their lives have mentioned how their thoughts have attracted so much abundance from the universe, and it has completely changed their lives.

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Our thoughts and what we focus on require a lot of nurture, and we must care about it before it loses focus or turns our attention towards something because of greed. 

As mentioned in Mark, 11:24, “I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believed that you had received it, it would be yours_.”

3. Thankfulness.-

The third principle for attracting the law of the universe is by being grateful. While we go one asking for something or the other through our prayers, we usually forget to give thanks for what we have received till now and what we have in our lives. 

A humble human being is characterized by the nature of being humble and being grateful.

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Suppose we forget to be humble and grateful for the opportunities, experiences, things, and blessings we have received. In that case, we can turn into greedy human beings, and no matter how much we ask from the universe, we will not be rewarded. 

Just as a parent rewards their child when they are humble, are good-natured, and follow what the parent tells that child to do, in a similar way, the universe demands certain things from us, which we need to fulfill before we go ahead asking for more. 

As Daniel 2:23 mentions, “I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors, for you have given me wisdom and strength. You have told me what we asked of you and revealed to us what the King demanded.” 

4. Work For It.-

The fourth principle for manifesting the abundance from the universe is by working for it and taking appropriate action for fulfilling it.

Several people must think and wonder how is it possible to attract abundance from the universe without taking necessary steps about it?

It is true that while we must all focus, believe, be humble and grateful for what we have received from the universe, that is not enough since we must act upon what we have thought about, what we are hoping for, or what we wish to achieve. 

Simply thinking about it is like a child looking at the ice cream stall in front of him/her and wanting some, but not asking their parents to buy it. 

For those who are working towards their goals, and believe in what they have prayed, and asked for will be manifested in their lives, they must not worry if their actions are right or wrong, since the abundance of this universe will guide us into taking the right steps and making the right choices.

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5. Embrace and Allow Manifestation in Your Lives.-

The fifth and final principles are manifesting and attracting the abundance from the universe by allowing it to happen in your lives and embracing it when it needs to be embraced. 

This is the step when we realize and believe that something is already happening in our lives, and we can see those changes happening slowly. 

This is a crucial moment since if we lose our focus at the very end, or stop believing in the power of abundance, stop being grateful, and worse, stop taking any kind of actions to work it or introduce it in our lives at this moment, then the change will not come into our lives.

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For instance, a student prays and believes that he/she will get admission in a particular university of their choice and have constantly worked for it day and night, but after a moment, even when the student realizes the changes might be in their favor, suddenly cancels the entire process or give up on that dream, then, unfortunately, the manifestation will fail to happen in their life. 

It is a complex and continuous process in which one cannot lose hope or stop believing what they have wished and asked for.

Wrapping Up

There is abundance in our lives and always have been there. All we need to do is simply to understand the abundance principles through which this universe functions and adapt the way to bring those abundances in our lives – spiritually, materialistically, emotionally, and in many ways.

Share in a comment below if you know about any other secret to have an abundant mindset and to attract abundance into our life.