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When you accept Jesus as your savior, it can be hard to know where to go from there. Even mature Christians can struggle knowing how to continue growing in their faith; The Lord’s Prayer is a great place to start.

It is natural for there to be lulls in life when you do not feel as close to God or as if you are growing as much as you have at other points in time, but there are things you can do during those times to help you continue moving forward and increasing your faith

Lord’s Prayer - 11 Keys to Increase Your Faith

Luckily, Jesus gave us a guide to tools we can use to do so by giving us the Lord’s prayer.

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1.- Praise

There is a reason that Jesus started the Lord’s prayer with ‘Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.’ Before Jesus moves on to praying anything else, he starts by praising his Father. Most people look over this. 

They understand that it is something we are supposed to do but do not spend a lot of time thinking about why. 

You can find this answer in Colossians 2:7, where the Word makes a direct connection between faith and thanksgiving (or praise.) As you overflow in praise and thanksgiving, you will have strengthened faith.

For this reason, when you are working to increase your faith in the Lord, you must spend time every day praising his name. Jesus did not just provide us with the Lord’s prayer as an outline for prayer when life is good, but also when things are bad. 

No matter what is happening in your life, find time every single day to praise the Heavenly Father, and strengthen your faith.
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2.- Goodness

The next part of the prayer reads, ‘May your Kingdom come soon.’ By actively pursuing His Kingdom on Earth, we will grow closer to God, and therefore our faith will increase. 

These next few sections will discuss how we can draw ourselves closer to God by bringing a piece of the Kingdom down to Earth.

Romans 14:17 says, ‘For the Kingdom of Heaven is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life of goodness, and peace, and joy.” We are all human, so we are inevitably going to sin, but pursuing goodness will bring the Kingdom near and strengthen our faith. 

We can do this by seeking true, right, and pure thoughts (Philippians 4:8) and trying to love everyone, our neighbor and our enemy,

3.- Peace

The second way the bible outlines that we can bring the Kingdom of God down to Earth is by living in peace. 

Finding peace is one of those things that can be easier to say than do, but it is vital if we want to live in faith. It is hard to remain faithful when our emotions are in turmoil because it can be so hard to see past those emotions.

The kind of peace we need for strengthened faith only comes through God because it has to exist no matter what is currently happening in your life. In John 16 verse 33, Jesus says, ‘I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.’

By tapping into this peace, we can draw near to the Kingdom of the Lord, and our faith will increase tenfold.
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4.- Joy

The final way that the bible says we can bring a piece of the Kingdom down to Earth is through joy. Now, this is not the kind of joy that comes through money or a good job or a vacation or a relationship. 

This is the kind of joy that comes from rejoicing in the Father and his never-ending love. Because he is with us in the good and the bad, we can find this joy no matter what is happening in life. 

When you live in this all-encompassing joy, it naturally becomes much easier to have faith. If you are struggling to find faith in the Lord, start by spending time rejoicing in Him and His blessings. As you do this, your faith will begin to strengthen.

5.- Trust

Moving on to the next part of the Lord’s prayer, Jesus prays, “Give us today the food we need.’ As we all know, there are certain things that we need to survive. We need food, water, clothing, relationship, and shelter. 

In today’s world, we often also need money to survive. It takes a lot of faith to trust God to give us these things, especially when we feel as if we are lacking. Trust and faith often grow together. The more faith we have, the more comfortable we find it to trust. 

The more we trust, the more faith we will develop with time as he consistently blesses us with what we need. If you are struggling with one, in this case, faith, practice the other, in this case, trusting God. You can start by trusting him with small things. As you trust, your faith will grow.

6.- Let Go of Condemnation

Jesus then moves on to ask God to forgive us of our sins. When we give our lives to God, we must repent of our sins, but as soon as we do so, we can let go of all condemnation because we are free. 

Shame and condemnation are tools that the devil uses to keep us away from faith and God. Often, Satan will use feelings of shame and condemnation to make us feel like we are not saved or valuable to God.

For our faith to be strengthened, we have to let go of this condemnation and rebuke Satan in the name of the Lord. Free from condemnation, you will have the space needed to grow your faith.
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7.- Forgive

Immediately after Jesus asks God to forgive us, he says that we have forgiven those who have sinned against us. This is a direct command, as to truthfully pray this prayer, we have to do just that. 

When we are holding on to anger towards other people, there is no space in our heart for growing faith. If you are struggling to find faith, a good place to start is searching your heart for unforgiveness and resentment and work on letting it go. 

These are things that come from sin and Satan; therefore, they are in exact opposition of faith.

8.- Self Control

The last verse of the Lord’s prayer reads, “And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.” This prayer is not a passive one. While we can ask God to help us avoid falling into temptation, we also have to work actively. 

You see, the bible says that God will give us a way out from underneath any temptation, but we have to take that way out. Every day, when you are faced with temptation, work to practice self-control to live righteously. 

When we do not do so, and instead, we live in sin and temptation, there will be distance between God and us.

9.- Serve

There are a few ways we can increase our faith that does not come directly from the Lord’s prayer but other parts of scripture. One of those methods is by serving others. Jesus had a servant’s heart; he both said he did and lived it out. 

As we know, Jesus had perfect faith. If we want to replicate this faith, we must replicate his actions. 
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Going out into your community and serving people in ‘small’ and ‘large’ ways allows you to grow close to the Father, and your faith will increase naturally as you do so as a significant part of faith is living close to the Father.

10.- Spend Time in the Scripture

To have faith, we must get to know the Lord. We need to know his character, his wants, etc. One of the best ways to get to know God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit is by reading the inspired Word of God. 

Every time you open your bible, you will learn something new about who God is, what he wants for your life, and who you are through him. 

Because the Word is living, you could read the same scripture every day and learn something different each day. As you get to know God better, your faith will increase.

11.- Share Your Faith

We are called to share the good news and our testimonies with other people. There are two main reasons for this. 

First, we have the gift of eternal salvation, and we should want to share that gift with everyone we can. 

Second, the more you talk about the good news and your testimony, the stronger your faith will become. It will draw you closer to God, make it more present in your heart, and give you space to see God work through you. 

Sharing your faith will not only allow other people to grow, but it will grow you too.
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At the End

No matter which items on this list you feel called to, it is time to take an active role in growing your faith. 

It is natural to have times when we feel more disconnected from our Father or feel as if we are not growing in our faith, but the only way we will ever get out of those periods is to pursue growth actively. 

You now have eleven different tools in your toolbox, get started seeking the Lord and growing your faith today, right now in this very moment.

Share with the community in the comments section how your faith will increase after learning an applying these eleven keys